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Top posts, insights and learnings from SaaS guru Jason Lemkin - specifically for VPs of Sales

Learning from Lemkin.

Its no secret I’m a big fan of Jason Lemkin.

In fact - after listening to multiple podcasts and consuming countless blog posts - I bought the domain stretchvp.com to embrace and share the learnings and hurdles I faced as a newly minted Sales Leader in SaaS. (check out my first - slightly embarrassing post from 2 years ago talking about the plunge).

Over the course of 2 + years, I’ve collected 2-3 floppy disks worth - or more - of content from Lemkin and found it immensely valuable for me in my role as a VP of Sales.

While most is geared specifically for SaaS founders - I consumed it all and separated the sales specific nuggets so I could come back and reference. And reference I have. Its crazy how often I’ve done this.

Naturally - I thought it may be a good idea to compile some of my favorites into its own newsletter edition. Hope you get as much value out of it as I do.

So - without further adieu - read on for more insights and learnings from Jason Lemkin including:

  • The Benefits of Hiring a Stretch VP of Sales

  • FREE SaaStr course on scaling $1M-$10M in ARR

  • Building Your First SDR Team (with help from Kyle Porter and Brendan Cassidy).

Plus… 14 snippets from Lemkin’s Q&A posts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora).

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The Benefits of Hiring a Stretch VP of Sales

Jason shares a post from Brendan Cassidy (VP Sales LinkedIn, EchoSign, Talkdesk) on the benefits of hiring a Stretch VP of Sales. Ideally he looks for a VP of Sales with the following track record:

  1. Proven Success building a team

  2. Experience with deals in similar price range

  3. Experience with similar sales cycle

  4. Solid Recruiter.

But if you fall short with this stringent criteria - he recommends hiring a STRETCH!


SaaStr Scale: $1M-$10M (FREE COURSE)

Lemkin has built a reputation in SaaS as a leader that gives freely, errs on the side of the customer and can definitely walk the talk.

Check out this FREE 30 lesson course from Jason on scaling from $1M to $10M in ARR. Although pointed closely toward founders - its immediately pertinent for anyone building a SaaS Sales team. Did I mention its FREE?


Building Your First SDR Team

If you are new to building out your SDR function, I can't think of a better place to start than this AMA video and session.

Kyle Porter (Sales Loft) and Brendan Cassidy join Jason Lemkin to discuss building your first SDR Team. Gold in here - GOLD!!



Why First Time VPs of Sales Fail (by Jason Lemkin)

Revisiting a post from Lemkin on LinkedIn (featured on the StretchVP blog last year) on the 15 things NOT to do as a first-time VP of Sales.



🧠 Mindset Matters

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