Perseverance, Grit and Overcoming Adversity

Stories of perseverance, grit and never giving up to overcome adversity

Grit. Adversity. Perseverance. Never Giving Up.

I didn’t plan on each week’s newsletter to have a specific theme. But lately that’s what has happened. Although I reserve the right to NOT continue this trend, (hey, I can do whatever I want right?) its interesting to see things come together this way.

This week’s focus is on overcoming adversity, dealing with objections and obstacles and never giving up. For me its finding that glimmer of hope and motivation to not only get out to of the house - but prepare for when we all can get back to some normalcy in business. Basically - whatever we do now - will set us up for future success.

  • Tony Robbins Podcast featured some super pertinent tips and insight for today’s economic climate

  • Becc Holland with walks us through 6 principles for overcoming objections in prospecting

  • Scott Leese outlines what sets a good rep apart from a bad rep.

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Business Adversity Today - Prepares for Future Growth Tomorrow

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Amongst many others - the CEO of the largest SaaS company in the world - Marc Benioff of - considers Tony Robbins a mentor and business coach.

Lately i’ve become a big fan as well because his thoughts are so dang pertinent and motivating to me as a leader right now.

Listen to this podcast! I’ll give you a money back guarantee on time spent listening if you don’t agree it was awesome.

Tony starts by telling us that the Most successful businesses were formed during a recession or depression. What should our mindset be right now in business?

Tony then pulls in a few other CEO friends of his to help us with a few more ways to position ourselves to customers right now so we are poised for growth.

Objection Handling: 6 Principles to Get You to Yes

When it comes to prospecting - reps are constantly being faced with objections. Becc Holland takes us through 6 principles she’s trained her team on to handle these objections and how they help get more appointments and more success.

  1. Avoid the “parent and child” ego trap

  2. Pattern interrupt

  3. Address the elephant in the room

  4. Fall on your sword

  5. Assume the mentee chair

  6. Embrace self-deprecation

Legit things to work on with your team. Full post and video here.

The Hard Thing About Good vs. Bad Salespeople

Fun fact: me in Atlantic City in summer 2000

Excellent post from Scott Lease on what separates the good reps from the bad ones. In a nutshell - Good sales reps, act like the CEO of their territory, don’t make excuses and overcome obstacles to make things happen! Check out this excerpt:

Bad salespeople have a ton of excuses. My territory sucks, the product is weak, I don’t have enough time, I have too many accounts, I don’t have enough accounts, I can’t do this. When $#!+ hits the fan, the CEO can’t make these excuses and neither can the CEO of a sales territory. 

Read full post HERE


Behavior. Attitude. Technique.

Solve your customer’s problem and they will buy your solution.


2x4s, Paper Clips and Jim Thorpe

Super excited for another Guest Post by Riley Jensen on mental toughness. Riley talks 2x4s, Jim Thorpe and Paperclips and weaves those into stories of grit, perseverance and overcoming adversity.

Who knew Jim Thorpe was such a baller and overcame so much adversity? I didn’t. How does that help you in your current role and circumstance? What should we be focusing on right now as we look to the future?

Read full post HERE

  • Video: Nick Saban on process, circumstance and discipline: >>> Stay Focused on your process and vision. Not the circumstance you are in. Are we disciplined enough to do the things we don't want to do? The most difficult thing is to stay focused on the things that are most important.

  • Video: US Navy Admiral William McRaven: >>> Do hard things first and success will follow. Seal Team training and lessons learned overcoming adversity.

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